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If you've decided that this is the content management system you want to use to create your site, why not also use your own perfect web address with it? Getting your website online with your own domain can be done so easily with our Drupal hosting packages.

You’ll have no trouble using our hosting for Drupal as you won’t need to upload any plugin or application or configure and change settings. Even the installation process is a breeze as it can be done in a matter of minutes without requiring any technical skills. It’s so easy that anyone can use this CMS.

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You won’t even need to watch tutorials or go through training to figure out how Drupal works. It’s the main reason why millions of people have chosen to use it to make their site. So, if you’re ready to get started, don’t delay, get your Drupal package today!

Why choose Drupal hosting from 123 Reg?

It’s one of the most widely used and most powerful content management software available. That’s because it makes it very easy to build a site and manage it without requiring coding skills.

If you are a beginner, our hosting is perfect as it is the easiest way to host your Drupal website using your own personalised web address. Plus it contains everything you need to get started including a free domain and email.

If you have an existing Drupal website that is getting a little large for your current plan to handle, our Premium Hosting package is exactly what your site needs. It gives you the superior performance any demanding site requires by utilising dedicated resources and it also gives you the reliability your high value site deserves with our 99.99% Uptime Guarantee. What’s more you can always upgrade your package as your site grows.

Included with all packages

Why Drupal?

It is already powering millions of websites and applications and it is supported by a diverse and very active community from around the world, thus making it one of the best CMSs available. So, even if you get stuck or have trouble finding your way around, the active community is helpful and happy to offer tips and suggestions so you can make the most of the CMS.

There are so many features that people enjoy about this CMS, apart from the easy management of one or multiple sites at the same time. Here are some of the best things about using this powerful CMS:

  • Easy-to-use web interface – Manage your site with Drupal’s easy-to-use web interface. Publishing text, video, podcasts and polls as well as reviewing content before it goes live and having access to real-time statistics makes working with this CMS a breeze.
  • Keep organised – When you get Drupal hosting, you’ll get to enjoy the best features and tools that help you to organise, structure and re-use content. You can categorise and classify content, automatically create friendly path URLs, create associations for your content and even create defaults for content creators.
  • Multiple content types – Its easy-to-use interface allows you to use multiple different content types including text, video, podcasts, blogs and even polls. With so much flexibility it is easy to create the best site in no time.
  • User management – With built in robust user management, you can easily assign user accounts with the roles and permissions your Drupal site needs. Each role can even be setup with fine-grained permissions that permits the user to only be able to view or create what you require.
  • More efficient collaboration – The Workflow module makes collaboration more efficient as the admin decides the steps needed for content to become public for everyone to read. In addition, users can create public or private working groups or Drupal-powered collaborative websites where they can discuss new projects and brainstorm ideas.
  • Build – You can make a Drupal website in a matter of hours without needing any programming knowledge. There is also no need to start from scratch every time as you can utilise pre-defined configurations of sites and functions for specific purposes that can be re-used.
  • Design – Its presentation layer allows designers to create interactive experiences that engage users and increase traffic. You can use an existing theme for your Drupal site or you can try designing your own.
  • Extend – There are over 16,000 additional modules available with our Drupal hosting. This means you can build great looking web sites that utilise a wide range of different options without needing to re-use features again and again.
  • Connect – This package makes it very easy for you to connect your UK website to other sites on the web. By utilising aggregation, feeds, and social networking integration, this CMS can help you to engage with a much wider audience.
  • Highly usable and interactive websites – There are plenty of themes you can download and try out to offer your visitors a truly unique experience on your site. The themes are customisable which means you can change just about everything from colours, graphic elements and more. However, if you have no design skills you might need to hire a web designer to customise it for you.
Combell drupal hosting uk It gives you the

Drupal includes more than 16,000 modules that you can use to build, customise and promote your website. Get your Drupal website hosting today and enjoy all the features this CMS has to offer.

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