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I'm certainly new when it comes to Drupal, started working with it only 4 months ago.
At the moment I'm trying to create a forum for the school I'm working for.
I created a site/data base locally using Drupal 6.9 on a Xampp. Works fine once you get to know it, and thanks to the great help found in this and other fora.

Where's the catch? My school's IT-team advised me to buy a domain/web hosting space at one.com.
So I did.

Drupal one click install hosting php get to know it

Since 3 days I've been trying to install both drupal and my database at one.com, using Filezilla to upload and make .htacces visible.
I don't manage to get Drupal installed! Meaning: I don't even get the first installation page of Drupal when I go to my domain. And I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
Here's what I did sofar, following instructions in this thread and others (drupal.be):

- I downloaded a clean copy of Drupal, unpacked it locally and uploaded all files to the domain's root using FTP

- I adapted the .htacces file (which strangely I can see in filezilla, but not at one.com's file management screen? - because one.com is Linux-based?) by uncommenting the options as follows:

# Don't show directory listings for URLs which map to a directory.
# Options -Indexes

# Follow symbolic links in this directory.
# Options +FollowSymLinks

- I inserted username, password and database name in the following line in settings.php (sites\default). Should I do the same in default.settings.php? Or only in default.settings.php?:
$db_url = 'mysql://username:password@localhost /databasename' ('localhost' is localhost at one.com?)

- do I have to adapt the line $db_prefix = ' '. Don't think so.

- tried to deactivate DNS for *.domain.be (where domain is our domain:), as this should help enabling mod.rewrite, but I reactivated it, since deactivating this blocks all communication for ftp.domain.be (of course:)

Nothing seems to Work. Or perhaps I'm just modding tot much? Who's willing to help me doing it all over with a small step-by-step instructions guide?

Once Drupal is running. Where do I copy my database to? And how? The one.com phpmyadmin screen hasn't been much of a help (https://dbadmin.one.com/ ).

Apparently it is not possible to run cron at one.com. Is it okay if I run it locally before uploading database?

What is the best way to make Drupal work at one.com:
- clean installation, then uploading sql via phpmyadmin at one.com, then uploading database?
- or uploading all files frome localsite (whereto?), then run Drupal first time by going tot domain?

Thanks a lot in advance!


kaneleh commented 15 June 2012 at 19:42

I was installing this today so I have a fresh take on it. You should do some of the stuff above, but not all. This is how it worked for me:

1. unzip the contents of the drupal installation and upload to server.
2. find .htaccess in the root folder and comment out (i.e. put a # in the beginning of the line) the two lines beginning with "Options", so it looks like this. These lines appear early in the file:

3. use your web browser to go to the drupal root folder, for example: www.yoursite.com/additionalfolders/index.php (clicking on this link will not take you there, I swear)
4. you should see the installation page. choose minimal or standard, then move on and choose language, then move through to verify requirements.

Possibly you will be stuck here because of "register globals". Register globals can be turned off by these steps:
a. logon to the One.com Control panel on their homepage.
b. Go to Advanced.
c. Scroll down to PHP - register globals, mark it as off and click update. This takes 20 minutes to take effect, so you must wait before proceeding with installation.

5. After you make it through "verify requirements" you get to "set up databases". For database name and user name, type your domain name without the www. For password, use what you use to log on to one.com's control panel. Click on Advanced options to see more fields. For database host, append .mysql to your domain name without the www. For port, enter 3306. For table prefix, you can enter a prefix. If you know what this is about, you probably know what to do here. Otherwise you could just leave it blank, or put in drupal_.
Example: if my site was www.google.com. it would look like this:

6. Continue installation as normal.

skobe commented 20 December 2012 at 17:40

Hi thanks a lot for sharing your solution! Had problems too, but commenting out those lines in the htaccess made it work. Though i'm a little concerned about security, is it save to comment out those lines? Sorry if this is trivial but i'm not that conversant when it comes to htaccess.

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