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Drupal's built-in search is designed to provide something on any hosting platform (including terrible $5/mo providers) - it's not designed to be particularly featureful or performant. Luckily, Drupal was designed to allow you to switch it's built-in search for a real search engine, like Apache Solr!

Panopoly includes support for Solr in its Panopoly Search which will work in any environment that provides Apache Solr.

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Enabling Solr support in any environment

Enabling Solr support on Pantheon

Pantheon provides a "Apache Solr Index Server" add on allowing you to easily setup Apache Solr! And if this add on is enabled before you install Panopoly, your site will even get automagically configured to use it.

However, if you install Panopoly without enabling the "Apache Solr Index Server" add-on first, you'll have to follow a few steps to get Solr working.

  1. First, enable the "Apache Solr Index Server": on the Pantheon dashboard for your site, click "Settings", then "Add Ons" and the "Add" button under "Apache Solr Index Server".
  2. Next, on your site enable the pantheon_apachesolr module and go to "Configuration" -> "Search and metadata" -> "Pantheon Apache Solr" -> "Post schema.xml"
  3. Select the one available schema and click "Post schema"
  4. Now, Solr search will be enabled! Search won't return any results right away, because it has to reindex the content, but if you trigger cron a couple times that'll happen.

For more information about Apache Solr on Pantheon, see the Pantheon documentation:

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