Server load averages vbulletin hosting

Yes, the load is way to high. It also depends on the server configuration and the number of accounts on the server. But, if it's in between 4.00 to 35.00 you will have to perform a check on the services and accounts. Check if databases are consuming resources, tweak them if required.

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Server load averages vbulletin hosting out what

It is pretty much high.
Check your processes, you'll find out easy which process/account taking resources

This is what my Process Manager shows:

Everything I censored out in blue is from the same account. So as you can see, this one account amounts to the majority of what's going on.

It's a vBulletin forum.

I'm currently using fcgi.

Originally Posted by AH - George

Depends on the specs of the server. What are they? You can find the processor in Server Information in WHM.

Indeed. A general recommendation is that the load should be less than the number of cores available on the system. That load could have a much greater impact on a single or dual core server than it would on a 8+ core server. It is also important to find out what is causing the load. If the issue is iowait then you will tend to notice the performance hit more.

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How many cores does your server have?
If it has 8 cores, server load 5.0 is a bit high but fine.
Server load over 100 is too high and the server would be inaccessible.

You can try the advices of previous posters and you can also try these:

1. Repair your database tables.
2. Optimize your database tables.

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