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Ecwid is a great tool to add an e-commerce functionality to your Joomla site. Ecwid is very different from usual "Joomla" shopping carts and has these unique advantages:

• Lightning fast performance. Ecwid shop is displayed on your existing website as its integral part and is powered by our servers on Amazon to store and generate content. This allows Ecwid to stay lightning fast no matter what hosting you use or how many visitors you get.
• Seamless upgrades. It's easy to get new features! All updates are delivered automatically. No coding, patching or other time-consuming procedures is required from your side - we take care of all the technical stuff ourselves. You just wake up one day and enjoy the newly added features.
• Compatibility. Your store does not depend on the version of your Joomla. So feel free to upgrade your site, it will not break your Ecwid store in any way.

Get module id joomla hosting select the necessary

You can learn more about Ecwid features here and if you don't have an account yet sign up for free (no credit card required) here .

Installation and setup

Is your website hosted on shared hosting platform? In that case, for instructions on how to add Ecwid to your website, please go to this article. If you host the website yourself or using a hosting provider, please proceed with the installation steps below.

Install the free "Ecwid" extension:

  • Download the extension file from this link:
  • Open the "Extensions → Extension Manager" page in your Joomla backend
  • Upload and install the extension using the "Upload Package File" section
  • Open the "Components → Ecwid" page
  • Enter your free Ecwid Store ID and save the changes

Adding your Ecwid page to your site menu

  • Go to Menus → Main menu → Add New Menu Item in your Joomla backend. If you have many menus, then select the necessary one instead of the main one.
  • Press the "Select" button next to the "Menu Item Type" option.
  • Select "Ecwid / Product browser".
  • Name your page and save the changes.

Your store is ready. Now you can open it on your site.

Add sidebar modules (optional)

By default, when you install Ecwid extension in your Joomla administrator panel, the following related module types are added automatically (they represent the corresponding Ecwid widgets):

After installation they all are listed among the extensions.

Each of these module types is actually a kind of pattern for creating your own modules which can be used for displaying corresponding widgets on your site. This is how you can do it:

Get module id joomla hosting Product browser
  1. In your Joomla administrator interface, go to Extensions → Module Manger → New. You will see the list of module types you can use. Choose the type you want (Ecwid Mini-Cart, Ecwid Categories, Ecwid Search Module). This will create a new module for you.
  2. On the module settings page (it will appear after you select a type), you will be able to select pages and a position in your site template where you want the corresponding widget to be displayed. Each Joomla template has its own set of positions, which may already be occupied with menus and other elements, so it is up to you what position you choose for your module. If you're configuring the Ecwid categories module, it will also let you choose the desired view (horizontal/vertical). You will be able to set some additional parameters for the created module there as well.

That's all. After clicking the 'Save' button, a new module will be published. Corresponding widget's code will be automatically added to your site. If, however, the widget doesn't appear after described actions, please check the following module settings:

- status (should be 'Published'),

- access (should be 'Public'),

- position (you should choose a position which is displayed somewhere on your site),

- module assignment (if no pages are selected there, the module will never be displayed).

Video instructions

You can also take a look at this video to see the procedure of setting up Ecwid on Joomla:

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