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Transferring a website from one web host to another/Changing Hosts/Joining Infomaniak

This guide explains step by step:

  • how to transfer a domain name to Infomaniak,
  • how to move a website to Infomaniak without interruption,
  • how to back up your old emails to manage them with Infomaniak.

1. Why use Infomaniak for your domain names, websites and email?

  • Expertise. Infomaniak has been hosting websites for over 20 years. We are a recognized player around the whole world in terms of hosting and online solutions. Infomaniak is the No. 1 hosting service provider in Switzerland in terms of revenue, and the No. 2 in terms of the number of sites hosted.
  • Security. all our clients' data is hosted on servers located in Switzerland belonging to Infomaniak. Our solutions are systematically developed and maintained by our engineers in our offices in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Support. with more than 1,000 articles and videos, our knowledge base allows our customers to immediately answer the vast majority of their own questions, and our customer service is open from Monday to Saturday. We help our customers get the full potential from our products by telephone and email.
  • Responsible. Infomaniak is 100% committed to sustainable, responsible development through concrete actions. such as adopting the ISO 14001 standard, or creating the greenest datacentre in Switzerland. We offset 100% of the CO2 emissions that we generate through our activities and 100% of the energy we use is from renewable sources.
  • Passionate: we love what we do and are pleased to offer high-end solutions at affordable prices. We are continually improving and enriching our services, based on market trends and customer needs.
Infomaniak joomla hosting server then cancel

By consolidating your domain names, websites, and emails with Infomaniak, you can simplify the management of your bills and your services. For example, linking a domain name with your website and your email address will be automatic. That way, you won't need to manually configure your DNS with another registrar (registration office).

2. 2. Transferring a domain name to Infomaniak

The domain name is the address you enter in a browser to view a site, such as

It's possible to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another.

These are the steps to follow to transfer a domain name to Infomaniak:

  1. log in with the registrar that currently manages your domain name
  2. get the transfer code from your current registrar for the domain name to be transferred (aide )
  3. order the domain name to be transferred to Infomaniak
  4. During the transfer, be sure to keep the current DNS for the domain name
  5. enter the transfer code when prompted

Infomaniak joomla hosting server password the
Moving a website to Infomaniak

All the sites you visit are stored (hosted) with companies usually referred to as web hosts. If you already have a website, it's possible to trust Infomaniak with the management of its hosting without interrupting the operation of your current site and without inconveniencing your loyal visitors :)

Here are the steps to take in order to move your current site to Infomaniak:

  1. Using an FTP program, back up all the files on your site with your current web host
  2. back up your MySQL databases if you use any
  3. order the Infomaniak hosting of your choice with the current domain name for your website
  4. from our admin console. create an FTP account (help )
  5. using an FTP program, send your website files that you saved in step 1 in your hosting's Web folder (you can also use our FTP Manager (aide ) to upload a .zip of your data and unzip everything from the tool)
  6. from our admin console, create a new MySQL database with a user who has full rights to the database (using )
  7. from our admin console, import the backup of your database to the database that has just been created (help )
  8. In the configuration file of your web app (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.), adapt the following information based on the parameters shown in our admin console (support ):
    • the database name
    • the database server
    • the database username
    • the database user's password
    • test your website using the preview address (support )
    • don't forget to follow chapter 5 of this guide to redirect your domain name to your new hosting!

    Warning. The procedure described is only valid if the domain name does not change. Where applicable, you should make the necessary adjustments to your MySQL databases if you use any. Steps 2, 6, 7, and 8 are not necessary if your site does not use a database.

    4. Moving the management of your emails to Infomaniak

    By outsourcing the management of your mails to Infomaniak you can have a WorkSpace account.

    WorkSpace is a comprehensive online solution for viewing and managing your emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and bookmarks online. It also lets you sync your contacts and calendars with a smartphone, tablet or email client.

    Here are the steps to take in order to manage your emails with Infomaniak:

    1. if necessary, order a Mail hosting (aide )
    2. from our admin console, create the required mail addresses (help )
    3. configure your WorkSpace account (support ) or your email client with your new addresses (help ) use our synchronisation tools (syncimap/imapsync) to automatically copy and rehouse emails and the content of the old email address to the new address, box by box or in batches (help )
    4. if WorkSpace is used, configure the synchronisation of contacts and calendars with your smartphone/tablet (help )

    5. Activate your new hosting

    Now, you just need to point your domain name to the Infomaniak hosting:

    1. open the admin console ( )
    2. go to Domain name
    3. click on your domain name
    4. click on the Managing DNS button
    5. click on the Change DNS servers button
    6. tick the Infomaniak name servers box and click on Register

    6. Wait up to 48 hours and then cancel your old service

    Updating the DNS for your domain name can take up to 48 hours. It is therefore possible that your domain will still point to your old web host for 48 hours.

    Once that time has elapsed, don't forget to terminate your services (email, hosting your sites, etc.) with your old hosting service provider.

    Bravo :) Your site and your emails are now hosted with Infomaniak.

    Thank you for your confidence.

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    POP vs IMAP / Choosing the type of e-mail account in Outlook etc.

    IMAP/IMAP4 ((recommended )
    Pros: e-mails remain on the server and may therefore be accessed from any machine connected to the Internet, e.g. via Webmail. Handy if you are permanently connected and wish to access all of your messages from several places at once (from home, while on the move or away on a trip, etc) or where several users share one department e-mail address from different workstations. You will always have the same view of messages on the server, with each user seeing the same messages: if a message is deleted by one user, other users will no longer see the message. If it is moved to a folder on the server, all users will see the message in that folder.
    Cons:. in principle, you need to be connected to the Internet to read your messages (but some e-mail clients on some mobile devices will allow you to view the inbox even without a 3G/4G or wi-fi connection).

    Pros: e-mails are removed from the server and downloaded to the computer. They may therefore be read off-line. Handy if your connection is costly or not permanent.
    Cons: e-mails no longer appear in Webmail. There cannot be several people accessing the same mailbox, since as messages are deleted each time the mailbox is checked, messages will appear to be missing or disappear. Moreover, if you "keep a copy of messages on the server" (one of the options in your e-mail client), as the number of duplicate e-mails stored grows, the greater the risk that you will experience problems. More information

    More information

    Since IMAP is not compatible with POP3, you should not attempt to log into Webmail while an e-mail client configured to use POP3 is open.

    To switch an e-mail address from one protocol to the other, you must re-create an identical account in your e-mail client then copy the messages over. More information

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    Microsoft Outlook 2013 - Configuring an Infomaniak email address

    This guide explains how to configure an email address hosted by Infomaniak with Microsoft Outlook 2013.

    To configure an email account::

    1. open Microsoft Outlook 2013
    2. open the File tab of the Office ribbon and click on Add an account
    3. on the bottom of the window that displays click Manual configuration or additional types of servers and click on Next >
    4. check the box POP or IMAP and click on Next >
    5. enter your name (e.g. Jean Dupont), your email address (e.g., the incoming mail server (, the outgoing mail server (, the username (your complete email address) your email account password. Under account type, select IMAP. Click on Additional settings
    6. open the Outgoing server tab and check the box My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
    7. open the tab Advanced options. For the incoming server (IMAP), select the SSL type of connection and verify that the incoming port is configured to 993. For the outgoing server, select the TLS connection and enter port 587. Click on OK
    8. click on Next
    9. if the instructions have been correctly followed, test settings should proceed correctly
    10. click on Finish

    Configure a new IMAP account

    Edit an existing IMAP account

    Find out more / References

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    Synchronise and obtain the list of folders between the Webmail and an email client

    While they are present in your Webmail it is possible that some folders don't appear in your IMAP configured email software.

    Actions to be carried out

    Try right-clicking on the IMAP account and find the "IMAP folders" -> "register" or "subscriptions" designation.

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    Retrieving events from the calendar in my old Webmail and importing theminto my new Webmail

    It is possible to automatically import events currently in the calendar of your old Webmail system into your (new) Webmail .

    The e-mail address from which you wish to retrieve events need not be the same e-mail address which you use to log into your new Webmail or which Webmail currently accesses.

    Actions to be carried out

    Importing calendars from your previous Webmail1 system can be performed either from the account setup assistant (Fig. 1) or subsequently via the Import button in the upper right of the calendar in the new Webmail system (Fig. 2). The latter import option allows you to choose whether you wish to import events into a new calendar or merge them with events in an existing calendar.

    Illustrated steps

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    Getting Started Guide: Email hosting

    Thank you for letting us host your emails.

    This guide will help you rapidly get to know and use the key features of your new product. If you have a query, please checkour knowledge base before contacting our support team .

    Important. if your domain name is not managed by Infomaniak or your Infomaniak Email hosting is not managed in the same client account as your domain name, follow this guide to configure the DNS or the Records to link the domain name to your Email hosting.

    You ordered Email hosting and you wish to.

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    Modify/change all passwords

    This guide explains how to change the password for most of our services.

    To change the password to access the Admin Console and WorkSpace

    1. Open the following page:
    2. Click the Login information tab
    3. Under Your access to the admin console, click on the icon with the pencil to the right of stars (******)
    4. Follow the instructions

    To change the password for an email address (email account)

    1. Open the Admin Console ( )
    2. Go to Email hosting
    3. Click on the hosting/domain name in question
    4. Under email addresses, click on the email address in question
    5. Click on the Change password button
    6. Enter the desired password
    • Update your email software (including your smartphone, tablet, etc.) with the new password selected
    • Enter the new password the next time you log in to theWorkSpace

    Changing the password for a MySQL database user

    1. Open the Admin Console( )
    2. Hosting
    3. Click on the hosting/domain name in question
    4. On the left side panel, click on Databases
    5. Under User Management, click the desired account
    6. In the window that opens, enter the new password and configure the new rights if necessary
    7. Update your MySQL login scripts with the new password (help: ). Where applicable, your website or web app will not work anymore

    Changing the password for an FTP account user

    1. Open the Admin Console ( )
    2. Go to Hosting
    3. Click on the hosting/ domain name in question
    4. On the left side panel, click FTP/SSH
    5. Click on the desired FTP account
    6. In the window that opens, enter the new password
    • Update your FTP software with the new password selected

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