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As a popular open source solution, Joomla has a very flexible architecture and ever more developers build various components and modules for Joomla, which makes it more and more popular among other platforms. This time we will show you the top 10 free Joomla extensions you could use in case you're looking to add a photo gallery to your Joomla project, they will surely help you take your Joomla website to the next level.

Photo gallery with joomla hosting useful options as integration

The biggest advantage is that by using the following simple solutions you can easily add awesome image galleries for your Joomla-powered website without any hassle at all, plus totally for free. Yet note that all these extensions, except for Ignite Gallery, are for non-commercial use, so you may want to pay attention to the respective license terms.

Our today’s range of Joomla photo gallery extensions is sure to give you slick new simple ways to display your photo album or personal portfolio and additionally you’ll have flexibility in setting up your Joomla photo gallery to be able to change it the way you like. That will help to reduce the amount of space wasted on the web page and highlight your most prominent works. So if you would like to use image gallery extensions on your Joomla-powered website, see the options we have for you:

1. Sigplus

Simple and powerful extension that delivers a great set of useful features including lightbox, slider and carousel options among others. Also you can configure many important features such as image margin, border, padding, slider/rotator orientation, animation speed and so on.

2. Phoca Gallery

This extremely popular and efficient Joomla photo gallery solution has a bunch of cool features that will make your photo gallery simply perfect. Lightboxes, slideshows, shadowbox effects and many other wonderful options are available with using Phoca Gallery.

3. Art Sexy Lightbox Lite

Art Sexy Lightbox Lite displays images with cool lightbox effect, supports multiple galleries on one page and it has 6 various themes that you can easily change to spice up your gallery's appearance.

Simple Image Gallery Extended plugin among its most important features has such useful options as integration of Slimbox, Lytebox, Shadowbox and Mootools, thumbnail generation and storage, download option and watermark function.

5. Ignite Gallery

It has been said before that this is the only one extension from our list that you can use for commercial purposes. Among functional features delivered by Ignite Gallery we should mark out slideshows, lightbox effect and multiple image uploader with resizing before upload.

Photo gallery with joomla hosting HTML and CSS without

6. Responsive Photo Gallery

Responsive Photo Gallery is a mobile-friendly gallery extension with optimization for touch screens. It is extremely simple, using only a few jQuery supporting scripts.

7. JoomGallery

Fresh Joomla extension called JoomGallery offers 3 sizes of displaying images (thumbnails, detail images and original images), also you can enjoy fascinating Thickbox or Slimbox effects, configurable watermarks and many more.

8. Simple Image Gallery

This extension is all about simplicity so if you want to quickly and simply display photos at your website - this one will be perfect for you. All images are presented in grid with Polaroid-like background for the thumbnails and lightbox effects for the full-size images.

9. RSGallery2

This Joomla component was around since the days when Mambo was around and it is so nice to see that these guys are sharing their huge experience with the Joomla fans. Just install this full photo gallery component to your website and enjoy perfect performance.

10. CSS Gallery

The main secret behind the CSS Gallery is that this extension works only with X-HTML and CSS without JavaScript, Flash or any other script/player. So, maybe it will be interesting to use for the devoted CSS fans and those who love when simple things work great.

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