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2014-04-12 4:46 am EST

My website is running on wordpress version 3.3. However, recently, without any upgrade/update being done, the prettyPhoto used for all the lightboxes to display videos/pictures just stopped working. For example, clicking on a video will send the user to the original youtube page, instead of originally opening in a prettyPhoto lightbox.
I wonder if it is some security setting or php setting on the server that is stopping the prettyPhoto from suddenly working.

Prettyphoto lightbox joomla hosting known exploits available in the



2014-04-12 8:12 am EST

Hello, and thank you for your question.

When encountering issues with a WordPress plugin it's generally always best to ensure that you're running the latest version of WordPress, as well as the plugin. Taking a look at your file structure, I don't see the PrettyPhoto plugin in your WordPress plugins directory any longer, so I would assume that's why it's not working.

Version 3.3 of WordPress is from all the way back in December of 2011 and it has known exploits available in the wild against it. I would highly urge you to update WordPress as soon as possible. Also if you review WordPress login attempts you can see that your site is under a WordPress brute force attack .

I don't see any errors on the server-side, or in my browser when trying to access your videos. It looks like they are setup to just link straight to the video.

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