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Why Choose Our Free Reseller Hosting Program?

We’ve been in the reseller hosting business for 14 years already and know how much it takes to set up a successful hosting business on your own. This is why we’ve developed a program that helps you dive into the hosting industry with minimum efforts. Here is what differs us from the majority of programs offered online:

No Deposits

We do not require any deposits from you whatsoever. Our reseller hosting system is fully automated, so once you set up your prices and start selling, we’ll charge your customers directly and will send you the difference between your price and the wholesale price as a profit.

Reseller hosting template joomla will help you take full

No Tech Skills Required

You do not need to be a computer geek to start your own reseller hosting with us. Our all-in-one Reseller Control Panel will help you set up your store, set your prices and manage all your customers with a click of the mouse.

24/7/365 Support

We provide a dedicated 24/7/365 support service to you as our partner and to your clients. Our support team will be at your clients’ disposal on your behalf and can be reached through our ticketing system, via live chat and email, or by phone (during business hours).

You can sell the following hosting services with us:

Reseller Control Panel

Our all-in-one Reseller Control Panel revolutionizes the commonly accepted reseller hosting model by putting all store management tasks under one roof. You will be able to set up your store, to configure your portfolio, to define your prices and to manage your clients from one place! Plus, you will not need to take care of the billing procedures, since we’ll do that for you automatically!

How-To Video Tutorials

We have created a series of reseller hosting video tutorials, which will guide you through the process of setting up and managing your own hosting business step by step. Also, on our site you will find a FAQ section and various reseller hosting and web hosting articles, so you could learn more about the challenges of the web hosting market.

Store Master - A Responsive, Turn-Key Reseller Template

Our new, fully responsive and fully customizable Store Master theme will help you take full control of your hosting store. With a click of the mouse, you’ll be able to change the look & feel of your store, to upload your own logo and favicon, to set a desired font, to set up special promotions and much more. The Store Master theme’s admin area will allow you to see all the changes that you make in real time and to put them online in a matter of seconds. With the Store Master theme, you will not need a webmaster for your store anymore!


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Reseller Hosting Videos

We have multiple videos covering different aspects of our Free Reseller Program. See how you can easily start your own hosting business from scratch, how to set up and customize your hosting store and how to make money without needing to make any deposits beforehand.

Reseller Hosting Articles

Learn more about the benefits and the key aspects of our reseller hosting program, which differentiate it from the majority of platforms online, including the lack of deposits, the absence of technical skill requirements and the 24/7 support service for you and your clients. Find detailed overviews and how-to guides written by our experienced technicians.

Reseller Hosting Glossary

All this new reseller hosting terminology sounds complex to you? Check out our reseller hosting glossary and find easy-to-grasp explanations of all the terms that you need to know before you start setting up and managing your own reseller hosting business. Should you need any further explanation, our technicians will be glad to help.

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