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With WordPress, you can create a personal website or blog. One.com's 1-click installer has made WordPress even easier to use. WordPress is an invaluable yet free-to-use tool for millions of people and companies around the world. Over 60 million websites have chosen WordPress. The core of WordPress is built by hundreds of volunteer developers. Thousands of plugins and themes are at your disposal.

1-click WordPress includes the following features:

CMS and blog Easy-to-customize templates Large number of plugins Social media integration Responsive design WordPress mobile apps Unsurpassed security

1 click wordpress install hosting website monitor traffic on your

60 million have chosen WordPress

WordPress is the world's most widely used CMS currently used by over 60 million people worldwide. Our customers deserve the best, so we've made it easy to combine the world's most popular CMS with world class web hosting. 1-click WordPress is readily available in the control panel of all One.com web spaces. 1-click WordPress provides you a personal blog and a website on your own domain. It only takes a moment, then you are well underway.

WordPress is also a CMS

Many are familiar with WordPress as a blogging platform. But WordPress is much more than the world's best blog. It is also a CMS (Content Management System), i.e. a publishing tool you can use to control content and design of your website.

A blog is basically a special kind of website which displays the most recent content at the top. A blog can also be a part of a larger website with many pages. Your domain with One.com gives you many options to choose freely how your blog should be placed in relation to your website in general. You can place your blog on a subpage like this: www.example.com/blog. You can also let your blog appear on your front page. Finally, you can create multiple blogs on the same domain - just as many as you want.

If you choose to manage the contents of your entire website with WordPress, you can take advantage of the many advanced CMS features that make it possible to manage comprehensive websites with WordPress.

Thousands of templates and plugins

Hardly any other CMS comes close to WordPress in terms of customization.

The range of templates and plugins is enormous. The amount of features built into WordPress is staggering. For example it is incredibly easy to connect your WordPress website with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others. With WordPress' built-in statistics, it is also easy to monitor traffic on your domain and see how your site is being used in practice.


Responsive design for tablets and smartphones

Those days are over when a typical user would sit at a desk and look at your website on a PC monitor. Not only the screen size but also the emergence of new devices, smartphones and tablets has redefined the established notions of webdesign. As you want all visitors to have an optimal user experience on your website, the diversity of devices puts new demands on you as a webmaster. Fortunately, WordPress is made for all screen sizes and all kinds of devices. You don't need to worry about coding and programming for different types of clients, once you've chosen WordPress.

Always be updated when on the go

Update your website when you are on the go. With the app from WordPress, only your imagination sets the limits on how and when to update your personal blog or website. All you need is your smartphone. Whether you use iPhone, Android or Windows Phone does not matter. With WordPress, your website is always updated.

One.com and WordPress work well together

At One.com you can combine world's greatest CMS/blog with award winning web hosting. Thanks to the widespread use, security updates for WordPress are often released immediately after the discovery of a possible security breach. All content that you publish on your 1-click WordPress website at One.com will be stored on our servers. Our servers are located in data centers that are covered by market-leading safety systems. Whatever happens, your WordPress site is safe with us.

With our 1-click WordPress installer, your website or blog is automatically updated and you are always running the latest version of WordPress. You'll have a site that's secure, up to date and runs like a dream.

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Website Builder makes it easy to design and update your website. Start with a template, and make it your own as you add images, pages and content.

We’re here to help when you need us. Our 24/7 live chat support is ready to answer your questions. You can also send us an email, and we’ll answer within 24 hours.

Encrypt the data traffic between your website and the visitors with SSL, and keep sensitive information safe.

Get to know your visitors better. See where they come from and how much time they spend on your website.

Publish your photos and make them look good on any device. Share them with everyone or create a private album.

Tell the world about your passion, or simply keep an online diary when you go on your next travel adventure. And with your own domain, your blog will be easy to find!

It’s easy to install WordPress. Just a few clicks in the Control Panel, and you’re ready to start blogging or building your website in no time.

Keep your files safe when you transfer them to your website. Use encrypted connections and your favorite FTP client. Or let our File Manager do the job.

Of course you can code advanced websites if you want. Access your database and the tools you need to get started from the Control Panel. You’re ready to code!

Advertise on the world’s largest search engine with Google AdWords. Reach potential customers at the moment they search for what you offer.

Make yourself easy to remember with an email address with a twist. Create one for every occasion, and keep your inbox organized.

Add as many email accounts, as you like. Manage all the accounts directly from your One.com Control Panel.

Create appointments with just a few clicks in your personal online calendar, integrated with your webmail.

With Webmail’s built-in address book, you are sure to always have your contacts within range. Collect emails, phone numbers and addresses, and keep the info up-to-date.

Check your mail anywhere. Our webmail works with all newer browsers and your mobile device. No setup - a login is all you need.

Protect your mail against viruses and keep your inbox free from junk mail. The filters can be adjusted so they fit your needs.

Use IMAP when you want flexible access to all sent and received mails across devices, or select POP if you just want to have your mail in one place.

Sync mails, contacts and calendars on your iPhone, iPad and Android. It’s never been easier to stay organized on the go.

Be remembered with your own domain. Choose a unique domain name and consider if should be .com .net or one of all the other options.

It’s yours. You own it, you control it, and you add the content people see when they visit your website.

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