Admin page slow wordpress hosting

2014-07-25 11:58 am EST

Navigating around the WordPress admin site is extremely slow. No matter what page I go to or menu I click on, it takes 8-10 sec to load the page. Doesn't matter the size of the page, or how much data is on it.
I have tried from different computers, different internet access points (all hi-speed fiber).
It didn't use to be like this. Haven't made website changes in a couple of months - was ok then - not now.
Our site is small.
Any idea on how to diagnose this would be extremely helpful. Even the smallest updates to the site are painful, as you continuously wait for pages to load.
The website itself runs ok.

Admin page slow wordpress hosting diagnose this would be extremely



2014-07-25 12:25 pm EST

Thank you for your question. There are many free tools such as GTMetrix. that can provide detailed information on your website performance.

Typically, using caching, or disabling an intensive plugin will help a Wordpress site load faster. Both of these suggestions are discussed in detail on our How to Optimize WordPress guide.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.
Thank you,

Thanks for the prompt reply. However, it is not my website that is slow - it is the actual WordPress back-end to manage my site. I get little value from a tool like GTMetrix, since it cannot get past the Wordpress login page in order to analyze anything.
Ex: I login to my site's WordPress back-end (i.e., then the slowness is when I am navigating - moving between the media library and forms, pages, posts, opening any page to edit, adding new media to the library, etc. Even when I hit the "Back" button to re-load a previous page.

Here's a link to a short YouTube video of how it is behaving:

Sorry for the problems with the Admin slowness. The back-end Administrator Dashboard for WordPress, is like the front end, web based and therefore affected by what it is loading. Have you tried to use a caching solution like W3 Total Cache. Before you do that, I would suggest disabling all of your plugins and going through them one at a time, to see if there is something causing it to slow down your admin.

If you continue to have the problem, if you can please provide us a little more information on your installation such as the URL you're using or the plugins you're using. We do not have access to your WordPress admin at this point, so we cannot look at it directly.

Arnel C.

2014-07-25 2:07 pm EST

Watch this video!

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