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Okay so one time i was playing Graal Era and was really bored so i decided to pretend to be Reno… lol. so i dressed up like him and copied his status then i glitched into a wall, i got a lot of pms from players thinking i was really him, no one suspected that i was actually a player. I didnt reply to anyone. Out of no fucking where i got teleported to a strange ass place i never seen before, it was like a house but it had a car in it and it was HUGE. I fucking saw Ser (an admin) standing on me and holy shit i didnt even know what to do i just stood there looking at the screen for like 1 minute and all Ser did was move to my left and not say anything. I freaked the fuck out thinking ill get jailed for a ton of hours so i just logged out of graal era and did nothing, then i went back on another account and messaged my friend and i told her im too scared to log back in my account cause i thought ser is still in that place waiting for me to come back. Then i waited for like an hour then i logged in, i logged in the same place and thank GOD ser left lmfao then i just unsticked myself and changed my looks really quick thinking what the actual fuck just happened. Then i ended up regretting not screenshotting the place. holy shit lol it was really scary and i dont know the reason ser teleported me there its either because he wanted to jail me and talk to me or because he thought i was Reno.


Cookie graal gfx wordpress hosting changed my looks really

I remember this by every detail, i was a noob with like 700 hours, anyways so i was in the shop next to the trade tables at the start.and i was doing car missions, so some guy was recording a vid for youtube (i think it was fake) and he said Hi youtube then i said “FUCK YOUTUBE” then guess fucking what? snk popped up and he was like “thanks for the report” and jailed me. Poof there goes my first jail.


I was bored and wanting to get jailed so i went to the events, they were hosting elegant chance i think and there ere a bunch of admins, I dont even remember what i did but the next thing i know wizardly dragged me in the event with him and then warp me in the middle of the ocean with his admin stick. I didnt get jailed tho lmao

there i am in the middle dressed as a noob^^

Too lazy to do recolors, credits to zoey.

I deleted most of the posts, a lot of them contained gfx in them but I still deleted them cause all the heads and bodies are in their certain pages.

So I got the pass to this site and deleted my new site lol, i’ll be posting here.

Cookie graal gfx wordpress hosting looking at the

Here’s my old head credits to the original owners and I forgot where I found the body 😨 please comment below if it’s yours <33 thank you for 41k views much love bye!<3

credits to people who originally made <3!

if theres anything wrong pm me I’m in (reborn) ^

Watch this video!

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