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With Search & Replace you can search for everything and replace this with everything but before you do this you can easily create a simple database backup and restore it.

We have implements special features!
The first one is “Replace a Domain / Url” that is useful for a quick and simple transfer or a migration of an WordPress.
The second is a full support for serialized data but there are a lot more features – find them!


Our goal with this plugin is to give you a good solution for both Developers and Users of WordPress.

Note: This plugin requires PHP 5.4 or higher to be activated.

Checkout our GitHub Repository

  • Search & replace data in your WordPress database
  • Change domain/URL of WordPress installation
  • Handle serialized data
  • Choose dry run or download SQL file
  • Change table prefix
  • Backup & restore your database
  • WordPress Multisite support
  • Localized and ready for your own language

The team at Inpsyde is engineering the web and WordPress since 2006.

You want to donate – we prefer a positive review. not more.

  • Search and Replace
  • Replace Domain/URL
  • Restore Database
  • Backup Database
  • Result screen after search or search and replace


  • WordPress 4.0 (Single and Multisite)
  • PHP 5.4, newer PHP versions will work faster.

velvet blues plugin (which I see being most recommended in search results) couldn’t update the URLs of the images on my site when our domain changed. This plugin did the job. And it has several features for free that are pay-walled by other plugins:
1. revealing exactly what replacements are happening such that I could copy the logs for keeping records.
2. Dry run that lets me know exactly what changes will happen before doing them
3. bringing proactivity to url replacements, website migration: replace and export db to import at destination with all needed changes already done.
4. first thing we see is a simple button to backup the DB. not just advising but enabling the user.

5. we can choose all tables, or choose exactly which tables to run the replacement on.

Contributors & Developers

“Search & Replace” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

“Search & Replace” has been translated into Spanish. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Interested in development?

  • hotfix: prevent declaration error with Requisite
  • Refactor Plugin loading #67
  • Display error notice is the search value the current domain and save changes to Database selected
  • Improve codquality
  • Prepared for localization (GlotPress)
  • Prevent doing idle prozesses if search & replace pattern the same
  • Implement better BigData handling.
  • Implement better tab and adminpage handling #33
  • Prepare the Plugin for localization, change Text-Domain.#47
  • Remove difference in wordings for buttons between descriptions.#46
Database search and replace script wordpress hosting has been translated
  • Add support for Searchpattern with quotes. #40
  • Basic travis support for travis was added. #38
  • Fix Unittest #37
  • Refactor the plugin, new requirements, goal and result.
  • Thanks to Sven Hinse for help to maintain the plugin
  • Changeable table prefix on replace site URL tab enhancement
  • Implement database backup & import tab
  • Implement dry Run: Keep for search and replace
  • Prevent self destroy
  • Multisite basic support – show only tables of current site
  • Add special tab for replace the URL
  • Supports serialized data
  • Refactor the whole codebase
  • Fix for changes on database collate since WordPress version 4.2
  • Fix to reduce backslashes in search and replace string
  • Exclude serialized data from replace function (maybe we reduce the support)
  • Add hint, if is serialized data on the result table
  • Fix to see also the result case sensitive
  • Thanks to Ron Guerin for help to maintain the plugin
  • Fix to use $wpdb object for all database access
  • Fix inability to search and replace quoted strings
  • Output changes to clarify when searching vs. searching and replacing
  • Some changes to English strings and string identifiers
  • Fix for change User-ID, add table comments
  • Fix capability check, if the constant DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT ist defined
  • filter for return values, html-filter
  • add belarussian language
  • add romanian language files
  • change right object for use the plugin also on WP smaller 3.0, include 2.9
  • add function search and replace in all tables of the database – special care!
  • Feature: Add Signups-Table for WP MU
  • Maintenance: check for tables, PHP Warning fix
  • Feature: add an new search for find strings (maybe a new way for search strings)
  • Maintenance: small changes on source
  • small changes for use in WP 3.0
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