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NOTE: We have a new review! Head over to it to see an all new overview and guide to the latest version of Tickera!

Last week a new site launched called “Tickera ” which offers a complete solution for showcasing your event online. Not only does Tickera offer a ticketing plugin but also themes designed specifically with the plugin in mind. If you are looking to sell tickets on your website and deliver them digitally to your buyers, look no further. Tickera will provide you with an elegant and easy solution.

E ticket system wordpress hosting easier then ever

Sell Tickets Online Through YOUR Site

You can easily setup the Tickera WordPress theme and plugin and start selling your tickets online within minutes! Tickera currently supports 2Checkout and Paypal.

Below is a screenshot of the “ThemeTick” theme which is the first Tickera WordPress theme built specifically for this plugin and for selling tickets online. The theme is simply beautiful! Click the image below to check out the live demo.

Deliver Tickets To Your Buyers

Tickera is fully automated to save you time and money. Tickets with a QR code are sent directly to your buyers via e-mail immediately upon completion of the ticket order. No need for any ticket printing and delivery. Everything is completely paperless and hassle-free! Good for you, your customer and the environment.

Check-In Tickets With Your iPhone

Easily check in customers using the free Tickera iPhone app. You can scan their QR code directly from their email on their phone or table. Or their printed version. The App not only will allow you to scan people in but also it keeps lists and stats for easy tracking. See below for a screenshot of the Tickera App.

Who Is this Plugin/Theme For?

From what I gather from testing our the theme and plugin Tickera is the perfect solution for creating a site for showcasing a single event and selling tickets, such as creating a site for a WordCamp 😉

If you are someone who wants to host tons of different events on one website it might not be the best solution unless you have setup a Multi-Site install so you can have the theme/plugin on the network and setup a site for each event.

Also, it appears the custom post types for Tickera are available only within the theme and not the plugin itself, so if you are thinking of using it you either will want to use their themes (Tickera is included in the starter package) or you would will need to do some extra work to get your current theme working perfectly with the plugin. There are shortcodes available though (see the plugin docs ) so it is possible to use the plugin with another theme.


That said, if you like their Themetick theme (which I think is quite nice) and you want to use it, everything is quite easy to use and manage. Plus, they plan on releasing new themes in the future.

Showcasing your event online and selling tickets will be easier then ever with Tickera!

AJ, thanks for your reply. So far TicketLeap is working out. I think some of their formatting on their page is lame, but as far as the method of purchasing tickets, it does work. I requested help in StackOverflow and one of the responses quested the Tickera plugin in terms of security: stackoverflow.com/questions/22259200/tickera-wordpress-plugin-getting-a-paypal-ipn-error-e-mail/22587702?iemail=1&noredirect=1#22587702 I learned a lesson in this bad purchase of the Tickera plugin, and that is to never purchase a plugin until you real several reviews from people in multiple places.

That's good to hear! Unfortunately too the issue with reviews is people have different experiences. For example when I tested Tickera I didn't have any issues, but also I was doing just the basic stuff with the plugin and I didn't request any support so I am not aware of what their support is like. The best is to probably read through the comments on reviews/overview posts, because thats where the good stuff is at. I've always published the good and bad comments to make sure our users get all the information they need and I appreciate you stopping by to comment. Best of luck with your projects!

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