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The new server is named The Dead Return and is visible in dayzlauncher. It will be online before the end of the day Sunday March 20, 2016. The server is still located in NY,NY at The website has moved to helpthedeadreturn.wordpress.com My email address is now helpthedeadreturn@gmail.com Donation information is now here. Please DO… Read More NEW WEBSITE & SERVER

On Wednesday March 16,2016, I acquired a NEW SERVER. Due to ownership of “The Dead Walk”, the new server will have a new name. Right now it’s probably going to be “DEADSKI” (lol), if nobody comes up with a better suggestion. Once the name is set, I’ll update this website and contact email too. The… Read More NEW SERVER ACQUIRED!!

Elektro its wordpress hosting 21PM ET

Our hosting company, VILAYER, finally responded to a ticket to update arma2OA. Maybe it will happen this week! No matter what, we are still exploring a new host, but this would give us some time to find a good one. You are not missing much with 1.8.7. There have been 5 hotfixes to it already.… Read More 1.8.7 Update 1:47PM ET March 13,2016

The biggest issue right now is that the hosting company, VILAYER, has not responded to tickets to upgrade arma2oa. I am worried since dayzlauncher + steam are on 1.8.7, people will start to leave. Right now, not all server have upgraded, but its only a matter of time. I have the 1.8.7 upgrade done in test.… Read More 1.8.7 Update 9:21PM ET March 11,2016

There are still issues being found on other server running 1.8.7: Magazines not combining or disappearing. Weapons not reloading. AND of course, vilayer has not updated the version of arma2oa yet.

I’m watching the discord channel and I’m hearing issues that make me want to wait: Cannot reload weapons. I thought I’d seen this on the test server, so I’ll go back and double-check. Zombies are not attracted to flares. This is not as big a deal on the Dead Walk, but I hear some zombie… Read More 1.8.7 Update 8:27AM ET March 7,2016

I thought everyone would like to see this screenshot. It’s almost working. Should I change the loadout so that everyone starts with a radio? Hmm, I don’t think so.

The test is server running 1.8.7. I’m hearing that there may be a hotfix for some issues with unconscious players. The bigger problem is that I need the hosting company, VILAYER to upgrade arma2oa server to the Dec-2015 version. I’ve submitted a ticket and I’m waiting & waiting. Other than that, I am ready. Comments below:… Read More 1.8.7 Update 11:57AM ET March 6,2016

…The Dead Walk walk has not been updated yet. If you update your client, you will not be able to play on the Dead Walk. It’s going to take me a couple of days to get it tested. Hang in there. Here is the official changelog. There is no further documentation, so I know as… Read More DayZ Mod 1.8.7 is now Available, BUT

Elektro its wordpress hosting Read More NEW WEBSITE

Still no word on when DayZ Mod 1.8.7 will be released. I’m part of the DayZ Mod DEV Discord channel, so I’m on top of it. Don’t get too excited, since base-building is being removed. Loot tables are being reworked, so it will take me time to re-implement to our generous loot style. Zombies are… Read More No news, just some rambling

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