How to install wordpress on godaddy free hosting

GoDaddy is the world largest domain registrar and WordPress is the largest content management system available. Using both of the them together should be a fun besides you know how to properly install WordPress on GoDaddy hosted domain or subdomain. In order to make the process simple GoDaddy offers one click hosting applications for installing WordPress sites, which helps to login to your WordPress dashboard in few minutes.


In this article we will explain the step by step process of how to install a WordPress site on GoDaddy hosted domain or subdomain. The minimum requirements are that you should have a GoDaddy hosting account and a registered domain for creating a self-hosted WordPress site.

Checkout the video presentation on this process:

Below is the transcript of the presentation for better understanding.

Install WordPress on GoDaddy Domain

Login to your GoDaddy account and launch the hosting panel of the site on which you want install WordPress.

Launching Hosting Panel in GoDaddy

Once you are in hosting section navigate to “Hosting > More > Hosted Domains” menu to see list of hosted domains on your account. Add your domain in case if your domain is not listed. You can also create a subdomain if you want install WordPress on a subdomain.

Adding Domain or Subdomain in GoDaddy

After ensuring the required domain is listed go back to “Hosting” menu and navigate to “Categories > Blog > WordPress” as shown in the below picture.

Installing WordPress in GoDaddy

WordPress option is available under different places, clicking on any of those option will essentially take you to the same next screen.

Click on the “Install Now!” button to start the installation process. The process has three steps as shown in the below picture:

WordPress Installation Process in GoDaddy

First step is to choose the hosting plan and the domain. Second step is an important step consists of few sub-steps for you to customize the WordPress installation:

Creating database with name and password.

Choose installation directory or subdomain.

Login admin name, password and email.

Once you configured all needed setup then the request will be submitted for installation as a last step. Check the status of your installation under “Manage My Applications” section and you need to wait till the status is showing as “Successfully Installed”. This process may take up to couple of hours for completion.

Database Creation for WordPress Installation in GoDaddy

You can also check the status of the database creation under “Hosting > Databases > MySQL” section. Once the database is created the status will be showing as “Setup” and you can view the details of the database by clicking on the name.

How to install wordpress on godaddy free hosting Launching Hosting Panel in

WordPress Database Options in GoDaddy

The final step in the whole process is to check the DNS entries in “Zone File Editor” to ensure the required DNS entry is automatically created for your WordPress site.

Check DNS Entries in GoDaddy

That’s it. You have successfully installed WordPress on a GoDaddy domain or subdomain and now you can login to your dashboard to start building a site.

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