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I was in a reflective mood when I recorded this week’s show. So here is an outline of my reflections.

First reflection. a Happy Birthday to Cara Carriveau. a friend and someone you should thank if you listen to this show. You’ll understand why when you listen and listen closely you should, I’ll leave it at that.

Second reflection. a farewell of sorts, I was surfing the web as I am wont to do occasionally, and I came across the Elburn Days website (The home of the 2007 seven and a half hour Jim & Tim Gig) and saw the Jim & Tim won’t be playing this year for the first time in quite awhile. And we’ll miss it. But things change and this is one of those changes.

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Third reflection (well, this is multiples, but along the same line), is in regard to people who are impressive. a little about Paul McCartney as an example, but mainly about Jay Conrad Levinson, the creator and author of Guerrilla Marketing. I saw him speak over the previous weekend and there was was a quiet elegance and air around this man and what he had to say.

Fourth reflection(s) are about the internet and business at large and how they’re adapting to each other. I had the opportunity to attend a seminar/convention whatever you want to call it call Internet Prophets. Interesting to see and hear and I share some of my somewhat muddled thoughts about it with you. and how they might affect this show itself.

Here’s a short little ditty tonight about an article from Music Think Tank titled Musician’s Arsenal: Killer Apps, Tools & Sites – Visibli. If you’re not reading this blog, you should be.

I talk about this past Sunday and Jim & Tim playing at Elburn Days and its effect.

4-AM will be at the Buffalo Grove Days again this year.

This show is a flight of fancy, based on a few things. First the article Obama Officially Backs Performance Radio Royalties… on Digital Music News, The White House White Paper on which the article is based, two podcast episodes 096 – Performance Rights Act part 1 and 097 – Performance Rights Act part 2 and my Op-Ed piece Performance Rights Act – my two cents on HR 848. I tell you, it was fun to talk about what I’d like to see happen, whether it does or not didn’t matter. It was fun to talk about.

At least most of it was. This show is a whimsical prelude to a more nuts and bolts look at the White House IP White Paper. I hope to bring that to you soon. Enjoy this show while you can and tell me what you’d like to see happen if/when these suggestions/directions are followed.

Show time [00:25:23]

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The news of Illinois considering news laws to loosen the smoking laws left me with a few words. Based on the article Bills to loosen smoking restrictions to be considered by Illinois House, I do more than just a bit of talking. I also incorrectly read a quote from the article itself when I made mention of “However, he said casinos in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri…”. I said Illinois, and the article read Iowa. Ah well, I didn’t notice until after the fact.

Hey, enjoy listening.

Show length [00:20:38]

On this episode of With A Voice Like This I talk about:

the June 18th Jim & Tim gig, well okay, scheduled gig. who knew that Mother Nature had other plans for us that night and the next and…well, why not take a listen and see what you think?

Oh and a link to the JimNTim.com post I talk about in the show while I’m at it, eh?

Hey there, Jim here. What do you think of the new site? I’m digging it. This is the beginning for us. Here’s a brief background on us.

Tim and I have known each other somewhere between 8-10 years, I don’t remember exactly. We’ve sung together a lot in those years, subbed in for gigs, been called up to sing, things like that. We’ve just never put it together as our own gig.

Tim plays a mean guitar(s) and sings and my main gig is singing. We do a ton of harmony work. You’ll be hearing everything out of us from Aerosmith to Josh Turner to the Beatles. Yeah, it’s a wide variety and everyone will something they love in what we sing. You can take a look at our Song List and see what I mean. We’ll be adding more as time goes by, just like we’ll be adding more pictures and of course, more gigs.

We’ve set a goal for ourselves of performing by Memorial Day and you can hear what we can do on our Media page and what you hear there is what we can do in any setting. We use MIDI tracks to fill in the rest of the band so we always have a big sound, but a small footprint. How can you beat that?

Check up on us to see how we’re doing or just come to the page to see and if I can ever get that Facebook Like box working right, you can even join our page on Facebook…But then again, you can do that already, can’t you? Well, I hope to see you soon at one of our gigs and get a picture with you.

Here we go originally appeared on Jim & Tim on April 30, 2010.

On this episode of With A Voice Like This I talk about:

  • The WordPress eStore plugin a plugin that allows you to sell digital downloads of your music safely and securely. I even show you what I did in a fairly short time with my own Music, etc. page using the plugin.
  • A quick update on the Chicago Event Promoters Ordinance and what Alderman Eugene Schulter had to say about it as reported by Center Square Journal .

Portrait of Alderman Eugene Schulter (photo credit to "TLC, the most awesome chick in Chicago")

  • I got some snail mail from Oasis Disc Manufacturing and I don’t know anything about them. Anyone care to give me an opinion?

On this episode of With A Voice Like This :

Well, I had something to give away and it was the Eats Paste EP from Toy Block Music which is available throught the website starting 1 April. And don’t forget that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the EP go to Pager to help with infant reflux disease.

But before I drew and announced the winner (yes, delayed gratification is the keyword here) I did a follow up with some additional information from last week’s show, regarding ReverbNation. Audiolife (ReverbNation’s partner in the Reverb Store) and CD Baby .

And now to the big news. I had quite a few entries to win the the free download code for Eats Paste and I wish I had enough codes for everyone who entered, but I only had one. And the winner was April. Congratulations and I’ve sent you your code via e-mail and the EP will be available for download on the Toy block Music website starting Thursday, 1 April. How appropriate, I just noticed that the Winner is April and the EP’s available in April. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of the EP, I’m sure you’ll love it!

I spent just a little bit of time talking about my trip to see The Marriage of Figaro at the Lyric Opera of Chicago last Wednesday. I had a good time and couple of stories as well.

This episode of With A Voice Like This is about the changes ReverbNation has made in the past couple of months.

News You Can Use
I take a look at the four changes/new additions to ReverbNation since 29 January 2010:

I also take the time dot a little compare and contrast with a couple of services I’ve used to this point and see how ReverbNation ‘s services stack up against them.

  • I compare the digital distro packages with my experiences with both SellMusicDirect.com (A print on demand site no longer in existence) and CDBaby.com and take a look at their offerings, pricing structures and payment to artists [Note: I made an assumption about ReverbNation ‘s package pricing, simply because turnaround time was too short before the live show to get a clarification when I found the source of my confusion, but I think I got it right].
  • I then compare both CDBaby and mainly Zazzle.com to the new Reverb Store and again look at their offerings and pricing structure

One Last Thing
This is the last week to enter the contest for a free digital download of the Toy Block Music EP Eats Paste. to be released April 1, live drawing to be held on Episode 130. Just tell me your favorite children’s song from your childhood and you’re entered. You can enter in one of 5 ways:

  • Put it in the comments of the show notes
  • Post it on the wall of the With A Voice Like This Facebook Fan page
  • Call the Comments from the Podcast Gallery voicemail line at 630.492.0487 (standard calling rates apply)
  • Use the Google Voice link on WithAVoiceLikeThis.com to have the Comments from the Podcast Gallery voicemail line call you
  • Send an e-mail to [email protected]

[Edit: I just realized I incorrectly called ReverbNation’s partner in the Reverb Store “Audiofile”. They are correctly identified in these show notes as “Audiolife”. My apologies]

A couple of stories and a contest (yes, I make you wait until the end of the show for it) on this episode of With A Voice Like This .

A proposal that’s going out for 4-AM and the stories that go along with it (plus a background phone ringing, oh it’s tough to be popular during the live portion of the show (c; ).

At Any Rate
A walk through of the progress on Jim & Tim (Tim & Jim?) project in our work with MIDI

News You Can Use
Here’s the big part where you come in. I won a a free download of Toy Block Music’s EP Eats Paste. which will be released April 1. I’ve decided to pass it on to one lucky winner. How, you ask? (and I knew you were going to ask). Just tell me the name of your favorite children’s song from your childhood and if you want to share, a memory of why it’s your favorite. You can do that in one of 5 ways:

  • Put it in the comments of the show notes
  • Post it on the wall of the With A Voice Like This Facebook Fan page
  • Call the Comments from the Podcast Gallery voicemail line at 630.492.0487 (standard calling rates apply)
  • Use the Google Voice link on WithAVoiceLikeThis.com to have the Comments from the Podcast Gallery voicemail line call you
  • Send an e-mail to [email protected]

That’s all you have to do. The winner will be drawn on the live show for episode 130 on 30 March 2010. Good luck.

On this episode of With A Voice Like This I speak with Jim Donio, President of NARM (National Association of Recording Merchandisers) about the association and the upcoming Chicago Crash Course (May 14 – 15) and Convention (May 15 – 17). Jim gives us a brief history of NARM, a description of the Crash Course and Convention and tells us about the the artist’s cost for the Crash Course and 1 year membership.

For more information about NARM, visit narm.com and the registration page for the Crash Course and Convention.

This episode of With A Voice Like This is a very special interview with Joanna Quargnali-Linsley of Toy Block Music and Misery Loves Co. about the March 4th preview of the EP Eats Paste to be released April 1st of this year.

Joanna tells us about the overall project and how it came about, how the charity Pager was chosen to receive a portion of the profits from the sale of the EP and some of the different experiences. A few of the artists who appear on the EP called in as well to talk about their part in the process (as well as tell a few stories) and best of all? I got to play clips from 6 of the 7 songs that will appear on the April 1st EP release. Here are the songs on the EP and their respective artists:

And here’s the seventh track on the EP, just recorded two days before the show, so a mix wasn’t available.

GERD Links
For more information about GERD and Infant reflux disease. you can go to

Other sites mentioned in the show

One more thing…
If you’re listening closely in the show, I took it as a personal challenge to find a musical joke in the Toy Block Logo and I won. What did I win? A free copy of the Eats Paste EP. But I’m not going to keep it…Oh no, I’m going to figure out a way to give it away to a lucky listener. Got any ideas? Leave me a comment and we’ll see what happens.

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