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Have you come across the idea of implementing a map on your WordPress site, but found it difficult to implement and costly to be outsourced? I had thought the same way as well few months back.

This is a fully functional world map with clickable country links that will pop a dedicated individual description. Each country is represented by an auto generated flag.

This complete list of countries around the globe with distinctive maps will help you implement an interactive, professional and lavishly looking map. We owe for the fulfilment of this plugin.

Phoca maps wordpress hosting for the selected country     

I aim to lessen the complex part of implementing this plugin and focuses on simplicity and ease of use.

I am very much into WordPress community and its a great opportunity to share my part. Am sharing this plugin absolutely at no cost. Everybody is very much welcome to modify the codes or email me for improvements that you can suggest.

I cannot promise my availability to attend into is ASAP but ill try my best to reach out and I will appreciate you taking time to send me feedbacks.

[iwg_maps] or [iwg_maps zoom_level=”3″ zoom_longitude= “121” zoom_latitude=”12″]

  • Complete Country list
  • You can set colour for each country
  • Pop-up for full description for the selected country
  • Flag per country
  • Map attributes for zoom_level, zoom_longitude, zoom_latitude

Map library:

Flags: Phoca Flags 1.0.0 by Jan Pavelka

Watch this video!

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