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Create php.ini file with your desired setting and upload it in your root folder of server. It will take effect with this new setting.

You can't edit the php.ini file of godaddy server, but you can upload your own copy of your php.ini with your new setting.

This new setting will be available only to you. Other websites will not be affected with this new setting.

Previously I faced the same issue, but after doing this my problem was resolved.


answered Apr 22 '13 at 6:47

Oke I Will try it. - MudMan23 Apr 22 '13 at 7:14

I have try your advice, I have edit php.ini from xampp localhost, and i upload. after that I try Login to my web & I cant Login. Can I Copy your PHP.ini? whether your php.ini from xampp too? - MudMan23 Apr 22 '13 at 7:44

Hi I'll like to add that you must know what name you should put to your *.ini file, and here in the support page of godaddy comes. (I have a chat with them recently)… Maybe this can help future problems - magorich May 12 '14 at 21:24

As pointed out by @Jason, for most shared hosting environments, having a copy of php.ini file in your public_html directory works to override the system default settings. A great way to do this is by copying the hosting company's copy. Put this in a file, say copyini.php

Get /path/to/php/conf/file/php.ini from the output of phpinfo(); in a file. Then in your ini file, make your amendments Delete all files created during this process (Apart from php.ini of course :-) )

if you don't have a good copy of your php5.ini file in your home directory (a predicament that I recently found myself in), you'll need to follow a little multi-step process to make your changes.

Create a little code snippet to look at the output of the phpinfo() call. This is simple, and there are multiple web-sites that describe this process.

Examine the output of phpinfo() for the row which contains Configuration File (php.ini) Path. Mine was in /usr/local/lib. but your's may be a different path (depends on hosting level purchased).

GoDaddy will NOT simply copy this file into your home directory for you --as silly as that sounds! But, you can write a little php program to copy this php.ini file into your home directory. The guy at has a drop-box with this code snippet, if you care to use it. Just take care to modify two things:

a. change the path you read 'from' to match the path you uncovered in Step 2.

b. change the output file-name to something of your choosing. You're going to re-name this file in a later step anyway. Let's call our copied file Foo.ini (but it can be anything).

Php ini wordpress godaddy hosting can write

Rename Foo.ini to .user.ini (for most GoDaddy account types).

I had this exact problem with my GoDaddy account.

I am running the Linux hosting with cPanel

follow these steps and you should be fine if you are running the same hosting as me:

first, go to you Manage Your Hosting -> Manage

then you will see a section called Files. click on File Manager

you can select the Document Root for: then click GO

this should bring you right away in the public_html folder

in that folder, you can add a file (by clicking the +File in top left corner), call it phpinfo.php

right click that new file, and select edit :

right this in it and save changes:

it the same public_html folder, add another file called php.ini

edit this one too, right those lines:

now, go back to your Manage Your Hosting -> Manage. look for PHP Process

click Kill Process. this will allows a refresh with your new settings. you are good to go

side note: you can see your new settings by navigating to

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