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I’m back on my feet, but moving at a slower pace. This is my excuse (and I’m sticking to it ) for the late response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Window .

My entry for the challenge was a result of a work related field trip to the Kings County Distillery. The visit was an education on the process of distilling whisky and it was a bit of an American history lesson too. You might say it was a lesson on the American spirit under the influence of spirits.

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The Kings County Distillery is located in the former Paymasters Building on the grounds of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The adaptively reused building, also known as #121, was constructed in 1899. While the space accommodates its new tenant and new function very well; it still retains many of its original details.

Much of the production process at the distillery takes place on the ground floor. The aging process takes place on the second floor. That second floor space is where the magic happens; elevating hundreds of barrels of whiskey to bourbon. The room where it all happens is equally as magical as what’s taking place inside the barrels. The room glows. The building’s large windows let in a light that enlivened the brick walls, rough-hewn floor planks and the wooden barrels.

Take a sip look at these shots.

P.S. I sampled the moonshine, bourbon and their unique “chocolate flavored” whiskey; for educational enrichment and medicinal purposes only.

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Happy New Year F & F!

It’s the second week of the New Year and I realize, to some, it may seem a bit late in the game for that greeting, but I feel there should never be a statute of limitations put on wishing friends, neighbors, and strangers good fortune. So again –

This is my first blog post in 2014. This blog’s been quiet for the last few weeks because I’ve been quiet for the last few weeks. I had a little accident; that resulted in a little broken bone; the sesamoid bone of my right foot; to be exact. The little bone had a big impact and necessitated wearing a big boot.

Me and my boot waiting for a flight to FL.

I know the first rule of blogging is to have a theme or focus, but this blog is unfocused. This blog is a lot like a refrigerator door covered with magnets; tacking up all kinds of scarps. A random collection of words, pictures and shiny objects that have caught my eye while wandering through my day-to-day life. With my wondering greatly curtailed, blog content was cut off. I haven’t been anywhere to pick up any scraps worth sharing.

Weekly photo challenge wordpress hosting realize, to some

My toe and I have been itching to get back into action (my toe really has been itching and it is driving me crazy!).

Fate and klutziness forced me onto the sidelines. I’ve been sitting on the bench and sitting on my ass with my foot elevated, but I’ve not been sitting on my hands and idle. A few years ago it was klutziness that introduced me to crochet and knitting (a pseudo-Jones fracture of the left foot) and klutziness has brought me back to crafting. While sidelined I’ve picked up my hook and needles and dived into my yarn stash. Below are a few pictures of the projects that helped me pass the time.

In addition to stitching, I used the time to read some frothy fiction for the pure pleasure of it. I revisited Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey (my least favorite of her works) and Persuasion (her least frothy and my favorite of her works). For a contemporary note, I am currently reading Josh Bozell’s second novel; the sequel to Beat the Reaper ; Wild Thing (it is wildly entertaining).

For more passive and less productive pursuits, thanks to Netflix, I’ve gotten acquainted with the BBC TV series Call the Midwife (15 episodes) and reacquainted with the West Wing (156 episodes) and Life (32 episodes).

I’m happy to say, earlier this week, the Orthopedist, authorized me to give the ugly protective boot the boot. Now I’m taking my first wobbly baby steps in my ugly hard soled flat shoes. It feels good to work the muscles. I’ve been advised to take it slow. I’ll apply that advice to my walking and blogging.

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Last week I got off my can and made my way to the Winter Garden Brookfield Place for this year’s Canstruction New York. Canstruction is a charity focused on hunger relief. Across the country and around the world design, engineering and construction professionals use their skills to design and construct large-scale displays made entirely of full cans of food. The public is invited to view and enjoy the extraordinary exhibit, and in return; donate a can of food and vote for their favorite entry. Additionally, the unusual building blocks of canned food are donated to local food banks.

Here are a few photos from the New York City event and a few facts about hunger in the United States of America.

“Despicable Hunger: Minons CanRise!”

“Star Wars AT-AT”

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