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Review By: Samuel B.

Review: Never having had a website before, I went with Godaddy only because they're the ones I see advertised on TV. I like all the resources for beginners … customer service is OK live… a little slower than I would like. But seriously, everything you need is alreay there! Take it from me - a simple start is all I want. Read full customer review

Review By: Mike P.

Review: I am very Happy and pleased with GoDaddy's web hosting services. I recommend GD to my clients and friends. Their customer service and help has been excellent, the few times I have needed to contact them mostly for things I had goofed up and they were right there to help. Read full customer review

Wordpress web hosting uk reviews mad customer review

Review By: James Murphy

Review: I tried lower priced hosts before, but you get what you pay for. GoDaddy has the best customer service but I only know that because I had a question. The service is never down. Read full customer review

Review By: Carver

Review: This is the fourth website hosting company I have had in the past 9 years. They are far and away the best. I've gotten very quick and very good replies on the few occasions I've needed support. The features provided are excellent and the prices competitive. I would choose GoDaddy again both for the website's I manage and for my personal sites as well. Like the saying goes, "Two thumbs, way up.". Read full customer review

Review By: Roberto

Review: GODADDY has very good hosting capabilities, they have provided great service to me time and time again. They have great customer service, good features, great uptime. Couldnt ask for more. Read full customer review

Review By: Delight Banchero

Review: I am having issues with my email program and my web browser connecting to the server hosting my account. My internet connection is fine but I can't anywhere because it won't connect to the server. This has been an ongoing issue for several years and they cannot get it fixed. I am switching hosting to someone else so that my connections will be more reliable. Read full customer review

Review By: Randy H.

Review: No good, terrible service, uptime is not reliable and would not recommend these people. 1 Star. Read full customer review

Review By: Natalia S.

Review: I have nothing but good things to say GoDaddy. After going through at least half a dozen hosts in just a couple of months, GoDaddy blew me out of the water. They are affordable, dependable, have great software. Transfering my info was easy. The support was prompt, professional, and it was a REAL person. I haven't noticed any down time. Their select. Read full customer review


Review By: Allen Ney

Review: Not very pleased with their service. The uptime was okay I guess and the features were decent, not the best. I had a problem with customer service giving me generic answers and not replying to my emails in detail. All I kept getting was call in through phone becasue they could not answer my question through email. I was not too happy when I kept ge. Read full customer review

Review By: Bob F.

Review: NoDaddy will lure you in with their low prices and popularity but after that you're screwed. Yeah, they will probably work for you for basic sites but once you need any type of unique feature their servers don't allow you to do it and their customer support is ABSOLUTELY USELESS. I've had to send the same question to their customer support FOUR T. Read full customer review

Review By: Brinda

Review: I will recommend them even though I cant stand their obnoxious advertisements and plastering chicks all over everything, although my male friends are huge fans. I cannot deny however that godaddy is a top web host. They have been great, very reliable, helpful and all that. I love their GoDaddy connection, with so many free apps! They are ao easy t. Read full customer review

Review By: Rick D

Review: Stop spending money on superbowl commercials and invest in some quality support and extra features! I would rather that then watching hot girls on tv to be honest. Weird comig from me, but the amount of stress and money it woulf save me..i can give it up. Read full customer review

Review By: dragon

Review: Godaddy has always been reliable since ive regisdtered with them, fast PHP and MySQL services, easy to configure, etc etc. There are hundreds of hosting solutions out there that cost a bagillion times more than the GoDaddy price and dont offer half the features. Thats why godaddy is the big daddy of the hosting providers! not a con in my opinion. Read full customer review

Review By: Jaydian

Review: I've moved up to Adobe CS packages, and refreshingly GoDaddy's support has been exactly what I need for a fast response and asisstance for the tools I'm using. You can't trump a host whose php and MySQL works right out of the box on the Unix platform. All my hardware is Apple/Mac based, and its seamless with GoDaddy's products. Perfection. Read full customer review

Review By: Ameena

Review: I have multiple websites and needed a host that could support everything from FrontPage Server Extensions, ColdFusion, Java, python, and SQL, Access databases and more! GoDaddy has all of this for in my opinion a really reasonable rate. Combine this with their great service and additonal options, they can't be beat. Read full customer review

Review By: Reggie

Review: My small business was moved from one host to GoDaddy a few years ago and I could not have been happier with them. They made it easy for me with their merchant services and shopping cart and QuickBooks with no hassle. They customer support is professional and very supportive in any issues through any medium of support. Read full customer review

Review By: Winston67

Review: I was havign issues with what appeared to be the server so after testing on various servers I came to the conclusion that theres a difference in their environment. Called support and of course all they said was "we don't debug your code" over and over. They don even no what that means! Theyve probably said it so many times when they dont know what. Read full customer review

Review By: Phillip Huff

Review: I've been with godaddy for years (since 2005) and i have trusted more than twenty clients to them ever since. Due to my loyalty and the referrals ive given, i have been provided with an "Executive Account Support" rep! Talk about VIP, very nice reward! I can contact my exec anytime at all, and problem solved! Mind you the support wasnt bad before t. Read full customer review

Review By: Raeanne

Review: I have Joomla, wordpress blogs and PHP applications installed with no problems at all and the price is unreal. i mean unlimitd domain hosting for just over a hundred dollars per year! You cant tell me that them other guys would cost less, with my 20+ sites i would be paying a fortune with anyone else. Read full customer review

Review: Im gona throw a theory out there. they hire former bill collectors, or tax collectors or auditors because they have literally been that rude. Read full customer review

Review By: Matt Reynolds

Review: been with go daddy for more than a year and haven't had any issues. Oh wait, maybe I did but it was fixed so fast I forgot! My site is full asap and I have never lost any data or access problems. I am movin another site to them this week, and many more in the future. Go Daddy does NOT dissapoint. Read full customer review

Review By: Xander

Review: I love that they offer true monthly service with no setup fee. If it wasnt for that, I could not have gotten started. Most companies want to sign you on for at least 6 months or more (and then hit you with the bill) and most of us starting out just can't afford to do that. Read full customer review

Review By: Joe C

Review By: Thomas White

Review: Go Daddy is a great webhosting company. They have everything and offer everything in order to make their customers happy to be a Go Daddy customer. I would say some of the benefits that keep me a happy customer is that they have the best-in-industry live customer support, 24 / 7 no matter what time it is they have someone there to help you at anyt. Read full customer review

Review By: Todd Richie

Review: Wow! There seems to be a lot of negative comments about GoDaddy. I don't think these comments are very reliable. I'm running about 6 domains for my business and they run fairly quick and there's hardly any downtime. To be honest I've been with GoDaddy for 2 years now and they've shown me the out most respect. The price is good for what you're getti. Read full customer review

Review By: Kevon

Review: When I first saw the price for Go Daddy I said to myself " wow that's pretty steep for hosting provider, compared to the other providers that are out there" but I decided to give Go Daddy a go. Let me tell you that was the one thing I don't regret. Go Daddy is amazing they have the best response time I ever seen. When I first started my website I. Read full customer review

Review By: RichaRie

Review: im so desperated with hosting. go daddy is my first and the only one pay hosting i have. im buying 3 domain+packages in my godaddy account. im buying there bcuz the website saying NO SKILL NEED. im newbie i want having my own blog and website. im paying for deluxe website tonight and economy for quick blogcast and also smartspace packages. i dont. Read full customer review

Review By: Ricardo Leme

Review: "I am a customer from GoDaddy for almost 2 years now. Please understand that I am not a tech guy, nor I do possess the knowledge to make a super website. But with the Website Tonight ""thing"", I created it myself in a matter of minutes. Customer service = superb. Uptime = 100% Features = more than I can handle Overall = Super! Recommend = Tota. Read full customer review

Review By: JMJ Complete Web Services

Review: I have used GoDaddy for nearly 10 years now for websites, domains and hosting. You can not find a better price out there for what you get, except with my own site, I am a GoDaddy Reseller. D GoDaddy (and by extension JMJ) hosting plans are feature rich, I have never used all the possible features that I have access to. Customer Service is friendl. Read full customer review

Review By: Jennifer Cook

Review: I am an IT manager for a company that does $48 million in revenue annually. I have had no problem with the tech support or website hosting. What is bad is their email policy. I had to change email hosts because not all emails were coming through. They black list large blocks of IP addresses when spam is detected without regard as to who the other. Read full customer review

Review By: Mc Louis

Review: Was satisfied with noram html pages. But as soon as we started to use Joomla and SQL, the loading speed got realy slow. Read full customer review

Review By: LittleYellowDog

Review: "This is my 2nd round with Godaddy. I had a personal site with them a few years back. I found their service to be EXCEPTIONAL--I actually had customer service agents PROACTIVELY calling me to make sure all was well. GREAT! However, I've recently renewed (under a new set of domains)---What's unique this go round is that I'm using Joomla as my. Read full customer review

Review By: David

Review: Godaddy has went to a new server configuration which uses the newest version of PHP which has several major problems. When requested to be shifted to another server without the problems they said they could not do that. Read full customer review

Review By: Chris Walquist

Review: I've been with GoDaddy five years, and they've been overall a great value. Lately however, their customer support has fallen off a cliff. I've had multiple highly unsatisfactory interactions with their support staff in the past few days, which makes me speculate that the economy is really taking its toll on staffing. Some of their email response. Read full customer review

Review By: TucsonTom

Review: Godaddy is SLOW SLOW SLOW! I have a WordPress site and about half of the time it takes an entire minute for my pages to load. I'm talking 60 seconds. Godaddy's support people blame the php and everything else but themselves. However, a few minutes of research on the web will show you that the problem is that Godaddy sells more than they can can han. Read full customer review

Review By: William Randall

Review: I started out with GoDaddy after suffering with "upscale" hosters in the beginning years who were too complicated and expensive and unresponsive for my noobie needs. Now that I've got some expertise, 20+ domains, and am making money, GoDaddy's features allow me to do what I need to. I've graduated to Adobe CS packages, and GoDaddy's tech support ha. Read full customer review

Review By: Terry West

Review: As a web developer I have client websites on many different hosting servers and have been very pleasantly suprised by the reliablity, the available features, the cost/value and the customer service at GoDaddy.com. I used to dislike working on client sites hosted on GoDaddy, as the control panel was a virtual nightmare but either they have drastical. Read full customer review

Review By: Pat Andrews

Review: It looks more like a pin-up girl site than a serious webhosting site. It has gotten to the point where I am too embarrassed to send clients to this site. Read full customer review

Review By: Linda Smith

Review: Go Daddy has been the most reliable place for our site. Fan fiction is an unusual type of site which requires a whole lot of bandwith and space. We've never had a problem. Customer service is top notch too. Read full customer review

Review: The problem with GoDaddy is that newest Wordpress blogs with fair number of plug-ins don't load reasonably fast. People get tired of waiting for it to load and move on. Read full customer review

Review By: Schweig

Review: We had a good run with Godaddy, but have recently been forced to change. While Godaddy offers a fair budget hosting service with good uptimes, our problems lay with their inability to deal with blacklisting and their own security policies as applied to their mail servers. As fewer and fewer of our clients were able to reach us (while spam succeeded. Read full customer review

Review By: kyrils

Review: "I have a Deluxe hosting Linux account and have about 4 sites running on it. Cost about $70 a year(look for online discount coupons before you pay for anything) I can have unlimited sites in the space allotmnent (150 gb space, 1500gb transfer) has most web applications enabled to install so it allows me to run as many test sites as I want and to f. Read full customer review

Review By: Wayne Altman

Review: I have had several other web hosts for my sites, and NONE compare to Go Daddy. The customer support is a thing of beauty, being able to fix whatever problem, or answer any question is the norm. I would recommnend Go Daddy if you are running a serious business website. The Website Tonight software is top notch, as is thier Traffic Blazer. None o. Read full customer review

Review By: Mike Taylor

Review: Even though they say you are able to upload your own web pages to their site I was unable to get my web site to publish. When I called customer service for help they could not help me but tried to get me to purchase their web building program. Not much savings going that route. Read full customer review

Review: it is impossible to get a live person to help you and their control panel is the most confusing thing I have ever seen. Read full customer review

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